The total weight of each box varies depending on the size, shape, and mass of the fruit:
– Large Box contains up to 8-10 pounds.
– Extra Large Box contains up to 16-26 pounds.
– Bulk Box contains up to 34-45 pounds.

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Jackfruit is known as the largest fruit in the world, reaching up to 80 pounds in weight. This fruit is the perfect centerpiece to any fruit themed party or potluck. The flavor is very sweet and flavorful, similar to juicy fruit gum.

Its texture can be chewy or slimy depending on the variety, and ripeness. Some people enjoy jackfruit underripe, while others prefer it as ripe as they can get it.

Before cutting, press on the outside, it should have some give. Also, the jackfruit should have a fruity smell before you cut it as well.

This delicious fruit is often eaten on its own, but it can be cooked with barbecue sauce to make a healthy plant-based alternative to pulled pork sandwiches or even blended into a smoothie with coconut milk and ice.

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Green Jackfruit (Unripe for Cooking), Jackfruit Box, Mushy Jackfruit *Pre-Order*


BULK BOX – $197, EXTRA LARGE BOX – $137, LARGE BOX – $97


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